More Sui WiP

The countdown is on in earnest. I have now 4 nights to complete the Sui for Cancon. Here’s the state of play…






Maurice & Cancon

Well, a pleasant surprise, I ordered Maurice on 2 January, and it was delivered to my office today 11 January. 9 days from ordering US to Oz. Well done Brigade Games.


Cancon is also looming. Looks like we will have at least 24 players for DBMM2 this year, which is very pleasing.

In the bad news. It would appear Blogger in its wisdom has deleted the option to upload pictures from a local machine to a blog. This means you either have to use Picasa, or have the image already posted online. Very very bad move Blogger.

I am going to consider moving my blog to a more user frendly location.

Hogmanay and Other Things

Well, that’s it, the New Year has been and gone, and 2013 is beckoning. We survived the Mayan Apocalypse and now, in common with just about every other wargames blogger, I am contemplating wargames plans for the next 12 months. The fabulous Man Cave is now starting to get organised, and moving all the stuff around has given me a pretty good idea of what I have in stock.

So what’s in store for 2013? I am planning to not make any wargames purchases at all this year – with the possible exception of the ‘Maurice’ rules – from what I have seen, on blogs and elsewhere, plus the reviews, it provides a very nice robust and fun game. I would really like to put my 6mm WSS on the table, and while I have Polemos for these, or could use Horse Foot & Guns,  Maurice looks like it might be a winner.

[Edit] – ok, just bought them – I really have very little self-control, and the Brigade Games New Years offer got me 10% off plus flat rate $15 international shipping – [/Edit]

The other exception might be materials for my terrain building, and probably some decent storage containers for completed minis so they can sit happily on shelves, and I can dump the weird assortment of cardboard boxes.

As for painting, no hard and fast schedule as yet, but I am thinking that I should actually finalise some of the half-finished projects, as at least then, I can see real progress. I expect the next few things to get done will be:

  • Finish the Sui Chinese for DBMM (required for Cancon in 24 days time..)
  • Complete the bases on my Houstons Ships
  • Finish the WSS British
  • Get paint onto my SAGA Vikings and Scots
  • Complete the Late War 6mm Germans for BKCII
  • Make up some new terrain 
  • 15mm Sci-Fi – two forces for Tomorrows War
  • 15mm Modern, finish up the US and Insurgent forces.

After that, all bets are off. And I plan to try and do a few DBA armies as well, for amusement. I have perhaps thirty unpainted ones sitting around, so perhaps an army between each other project. They should only take a week or so for each, so I could get quite a few done in a year.

We shall see..  but I am determined that 2013 will be the year where I paint more than I buy!

Happy New Year to one and all.

DBA Again

In what could well be some of my last games of DBA 2.2, I dragged out the Teutons for a game against Thomo who was in Canberra for New Year. It also gave him a chance to have a couple of games using a proxied Hungarian army, which he will be using at Cancon.

I wont do a report here, as Thomo has already posted one on his blog..

Making Sea Bases

Some time ago, I decided I needed an easier method for sea bases than I have used up till now. It is mind-numbingly tedious adding layer after layer of varnish.

For this example I have some 1/300 Sui Junks I am painting up as part of my DBMM army. These are sold in Australia by Eureka Miniatures, and are part of the Grumpy Range, (Hi Vic!) You can find them here.

They come in a very simple kit and build up into a very nice little model. They thoughtfully include a separately cast cannon and gunner, which can be added for later periods. These were of course omitted from my build.

Firstly they are based on DBMM sized naval bases (for 15mm figures this is 80mm x 40mm). Mine are supplied with magnetised bases by Olympian Games, and are a laminate + magnet sandwich. Importantly – they don’t warp. I haven’t tried this stuff on cardboard as I am not sure how much they would warp it.

With the junks assembled (slightly tricky having to glue the sail on separately as the contact points are quite small) first they are glued down using cheap PVA glue, creating almost a puddle for the ship to sit in. Then undercoated using a cheap black spray primer.

The first stage was a rough mix of Payne’s Grey plus French blue artists acrylic, not mixed too well, as when it is applied you get a good dark sea colour with occasional light streaks of the French Blue.  Then the secret weapon!

With an old brush (although it does seem to clean off very well) – apply a thick coat of Artists 3D Gloss super heavy gel. The one I use is from Reeves, and available from any decent artist’s store. (I got mine at Eckersleys). Paddle it about with the brush to create ridges and peaks. If you want extreme seas, put it on really thick, and then give it 30 minutes os so and go back with the brush and tease it into more extreme peaks.

It is worth experimenting with how you apply the gel, and it is pretty forgiving. 

Don’t panic about all the white at this stage…  that’s before it dries clear.

Above, two bases completed this far…  As you can see, the acylic gel has dried gloss and clear…   Next bit…  highlighting.

A quick dry-brush with white… voila! Very quick sea bases.

The Man Cave Part 2

So with the Christmas frenzy now almost over, and in the brief hiatus between Ham and Hogmanay (that’s Scottish New Year to you..) – I fled from the evidence of stuffed toy disembowelment into the Man Cave – and finally cleared the workbench so I could actually paint there.

View from the door, it’s small..  and I am not going to show the view to the right, as it is monumental chaos.

But the painting desk is under a South facing window, and everything finally organised.. Hurrah!

The Man Cave

For quite some time, there have been rumblings from the civil power regarding the degree to which lead, paint and all sundry appurtenances, chattels and otherwise attached ‘bits’ were taking over the house…

For some inexplicable reason, she seemed to think she should be able to open the door to the study and actually enter the room, without having to pick her way between tottering piles of magazines and 6mm tanks, as well as change the dining room tablecloth without having to move 43 pots of paint, brushes and a large chunk of an ancient Chinese army, or Corgi cars for Geezers, or Sci-Fi Grav vehicles (which of course should have floated off the table very easily…).

Despite having fought back for some time with various distractions, excuses and appeals to togetherness, (“you won’t like it when I spend all my time in the shed..”) – finally the resistance recognised it was doomed, and consequently I spent several hours carting various boxes, bits, shelves, toolboxes, spray-cans, flock, models, into what has up until now been christened the “Gimp Room”.

So now I can barely squeeze myself in there after it all..  at one stage I had even hoped to fit a gaming table in there…  no chance!

And having carted what seemed like hundreds of kilos of lead, I suspect some reorganisation, and even rationalisation might be in order. At the risk of blasphemy….  Some periods and armies I have more figures than I could ever possibly need or even use…

More to come on this topic I suspect….